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Distance Learning Lectures

Virtual learning for when we can't be together.

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Medical Math for Veterinary Technicians

Successful Triaging

Diabetic Emergencies 

Understanding Your Monitors

A Technician's Guide to Blocked Cats

Monitoring Patients using Kirby's Rules

Blood Transfusions: Drop by Drop

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The Reassessment Campaign on Veterinary Resuscitation (RECOVER) initiative was published in 2010 by a group of specialists in emergency and critical care and produced the first evidence- based, veterinary CPR guidelines. This lecture will cover the guidelines for both basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ALS).

Medical Math for Veterinary Technicians

Pull out your pencil, paper and calculator! This lecture can be designed to cover the basics of medical math, including dose calculations, percent solutions and dilutions. We will then touch on basic Constant Rate Infusion calculations.

For a more advanced group we will review the basics and building upon those skills move on to calculating more complicated Constant Rate Infusions. Real life scenarios are used to help illustrate and practice math concepts in both lectures.

Successful Triaging
Triaging is one of the most important skills a veterinary Technician can have as it can be the difference between life and death for some patients. Efficient triaging allows for quick assessment of all patients that walk through the door and maximizes successful outcomes. This lecture will discuss the aims of triaging, primary and secondary survey of the emergency patient and communication with owners. 
ER in GP
Working in general practice doesn't mean you will never see an emergency. What do you do when one walks through your door?! This lecture will cover some common emergencies that may be seen in general practice as well as how to stabilize and help your patients.
A Technician's Guide to Blocked Cats
Blocked cats are a major emergency that require special nursing care and TLC. This lecture will review the basics of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) and urinary obstruction. We will walk the technician through set up and patient monitoring for a urinary unblocking. Common complications of urinary obstructions will be reviewed and discussed. Post-procedure care and monitoring of the patient and urinary closed system will also be covered. 
The Top 10 of Kirby's Rule of 20
Kirby's Rule of 20 is a list of 20 parameters that should be assessed at least once daily in critical animals. While it is important to understand all 20 parameters there are 10 that are most important to technicians who are nursing patients who may not be considered 'critical'. This lecture will discuss those 10 parameters, how they are related to all 20 parameters and their importance in guiding a patient's nursing care. 
Blood Transfusions: Drop by Drop
Transfusion medicine has become commonplace in the veterinary world in both general practice and specialty hospitals. It is important that technicians are comfortable with this life saving procedure. This lecture will review the different blood products, followed by a step by step walk through of how to appropriately give packed red blood cells, including typing, crossmatching, supplies and complications. 
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